BLITZ report at the AstroTurf – Feb 17th

On a sunny morning at the AstroTurf the Minis hosted Dumore and Tuam for teams U10 and below. In order to bulk out the numbers available the Colts’girls  also joined into the teams to play. For an hour all that could be heard was the sound of Rugby – hoots and Hollahs, galloping feet ( and that was just the coaches) All the kids, boys and girls, had a great time and although from the outside it might have looked chaotic there was some skilled organisation from the coaches and coordinators to ensure that safe play ensued and everyone enjoyed themselves. They even managed hot-dogs; although the sight of 90plus small ravenous ‘wolves’ bearing down on the the food would have put the bravest soul to flight. The ladies were made of sterner stuff and order was ensured so that everyone got their fair share. A great day all round.