Colts 2014 Tag Rugby – Round 4 Results & Table

It was another interesting night in the Hanley’s Bar Tag rugby league and we now have only one round of league games left to play.  Don’t forget Finals Nights is Friday July 25th where all teams will play in a semi-final game.

We are back to a 7.30pm start next while while Our after Tag venue is CJ’s Ranch where their should be plenty of post tag discussion as the final league games will have been played. Full results and table are below.

Rancheroes 3-10 Don’t be a fool Tag that Tool
Cunning Stunts 1-6 #Tagged
Can’t Tag This 5-4 Mus Tag Sally

The Try Babies 12-5 Tagtical Genius
Cunning Stunts 7-5 Rancheroes
Alcotagtics 3-5 Poppin Tags

Robe Ruckers 0-14 The Try Babies
Don’t be a fool Tag that Tool 14-2 Tag the Pony
#Tagged 3-3 Can’t Tag This

Can’t Tag This 2-2 Cunning Stunts
Robe Ruckers 7-1 Alcotagtics
Tagtical Genius 6-12 Tag the Pony

Rancheroes 5-10 The Try Babies
Tag the Pony 7-7 Mus Tag Sally
Don’t be a fool Tag that Tool 1-1 Poppin TagsTag Rugby Tables Week 4