Colts 2015 Tag Rugby – Round 2 Results & Tables

It was a night of two halves with sunshine and rain a plenty during round two of the 2015 Sam’s Bar Tag rugby league. Poppin Tags top the league while Less shagging more Tagging came out on top in the Karaoke to gain the bonus points.

Don’t forget next week is Clown week where all teams are asked to have just one player dressed as a clown. All teams that have a player dressed as a clown will get two points for their team.

During Tag if a male clown scores a try he gets two points while if a female clown scores a try she gets four points.

Full results and tables are below. As always next weeks games start at 7.30pm SHARP for all teams with each team playing four games on the night.

#Tagged 1-10 Poppin Tags
Al – Tryeda 6-4 Fancy a quick Tag
Try Me 3-3 The Try Hards
Less shagging more Tagging 1-3 Mustag Sally

Fancy a quick Tag  6-2 Less shagging more Tagging
The Try Hards 13-0 Mustag Sally
Poppin Tags 4-2 Al – Tryeda
#Tagged 0-6 Try Me

Mustag Sally 5-5 #Tagged
Try Me 2-2 Poppin Tags
Less shagging more Tagging 6-7 Al – Tryeda
The Try Hards 4-6 Fancy a quick Tag

Poppin Tags  2-1 Less shagging more Tagging
Try Me 9-1 Mustag Sally
Al – Tryeda 3-4 The Try Hards
#Tagged 1-8 Fancy a quick TagTag Table 2015 Rd 2