Colts 2015 Tag Rugby – Round 3 Fixtures

Below are the fixtures for week 3 of our Tag rugby league happening on Wednesday July 8th. All teams must sign in 15 minutes before kick-off. All teams should then be on the pitch and ready to play 5 minutes before kick-off.

Remember this week is clown week.  We’re asking teams to get just one player to dress up as a clown while playing tag. There is no need to go buying outfits all we want is some face paint, a wig or colourful clothes etc to qualify.

All teams that have just one player playing as a clown will get two extra points for their team.  During Tag if the a male clown scores a try he gets two points while if a female clown scores a try she gets four points.

Poppin Tags v The Try Hards
Mustag Sally v Fancy a quick Tag
Less shagging more Tagging v #Tagged
Try Me v Al – Tryeda

Fancy a quick Tag v Try Me
#Tagged v Al – Tryeda
Mustag Sally v Poppin Tags
The Try Hards v Less shagging more Tagging

#Tagged v The Try Hards
Fancy a quick Tag v Poppin Tags
Try Me v Less shagging more Tagging
Al – Tryeda v Mustag Sally

Poppin Tags v #Tagged
Fancy a quick Tag v Al – Tryeda
The Try Hards v Try Me
Mustag Sally v Less shagging more Tagging